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Sojourners Through Time.


A time of crisis looms over the ancient world of Durgana.  Emperor Sutin and his warriors rule with cruelty, greed, and ambition.  Most villagers live in poverty and despair while they attempt to simply survive.

         Spared from the emperor’s brutality, a fifteen year old girl named Sita and her family live on a farm where they remain poor, but self-sufficient.  Ignorant of the condition of the world, Sita and her family live in a small friendly village.  Despite Sita’s struggle with relationships because of her inability to hear, she spends her time helping the family and reading adventure books.

         Yet, Sita’s humility and self-sacrifice soon attracts the attention of a Great Mystic name Dharmaji.  After witnessing her good character, Dharmaji appears to her in the form of a vision of light.  Having decided that Sita might prove to be a worthy addition to the Great One’s group, Dharmaji asks her to participate in three difficult tasks that are essential to her possible entry into the group.  He proves his good intentions and power by curing Sita of her deafness.

         Ironically, Sita has serious problems with all three scenarios she is required to solve.  These tasks include living with the Crimson Plaque, creating stories that come to life, and attempting to rescue a village from a witch.  Even though she doesn’t do particularly well with her three challenges, Dharmaji accepts her into the group because he recognizes her potential.

         As the mission to save Durgana begins in earnest, Sita meets other beings who will help renew the light.  Atmun the shapeshifter, Deudal the birdman from the Treeganaut race, and Minerva, the enchantress.  Sita feels inferior to all of them, but gradually she must discover ways to become useful to the team.

         Nonetheless, it appears highly unlikely that this unique group can defeat Emperor Sutin and his armies.  Yet they still risk their lives in their quest to save Durgana.  Although their numbers are few, when Minerva and Dharmaji reveal their true identities, hope returns to the group.  Sita, especially has faith because of all her difficult experiences prior to the actual mission.  They’ve taught her courage and promoted her maturity.

         As the story begins, Sita has no inclination about the danger her family may encounter. When Dharmaji first contacts her in the bright white light, her life changes forever.  Only Dharmaji “the Great One,” knows the path Sita must walk in order to save Durgana and her family from centuries of increasing darkness….

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