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About John Frederick Zurn


John Zurn was born in 1954 in Binghamton, New York.  He received an M.A. in English from Western Illinois University in 1982. He spent much of his career as a private school teacher. He also worked at several developmental training centers teaching employment readiness skills to mentally challenged teenagers and adults. 
     As a counselor, he helped people being discharged from the very same state institution where he was once a patient. Over a thirty year period, John has self-published several novels, a number of poetry books, and has been published in magazines. 

      John has faced the challenge of bipolar manic depression for his entire adult life. Despite this disability, he worked and wrote for over thirty years. Now retired from teaching and training, he continues his creative activities.

     As a teacher and rehabilitation counselor, he has helped others find a sense of hope and purpose. As a poet and spiritual seeker, he continues to describe the promptings of the human spirit. John credits his long term recovery to symptom management and the willingness to learn from his mistakes.


He lives in Illinois with his wife, Donna. 

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