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Uriel Fox and the Honesty Pledge

When the law enforcement officers of Liberty Valley go missing in a storm, they are replaced with citizens’ pledges of honesty to follow the laws of the town.  

Uriel Fox and the Gold Coin Experiment

Uriel visits Stuckington, giving away varying numbers of gold coins. The shining gold soon illuminates deeper, hidden motivations and values.

Uriel Fox and the Dharma Lodge Ashram

Exhausted and famished from a long trek in the deep woods, he found a trail leading directly to “The Dharma Lodge” ashram. Hopeful for a few days rest and some food, he bent his steps toward the Lodge. Published: Active Muse – 2021 Collections

Uriel Fox and the Enchanted Spectacles

On approaching the town of Discovery, Uriel meets a mystic who offers him a unique gift. 

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