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Uriel Fox and the Doomsday Prophesy

Uriel wandered through many forests between his visits to civilization.  Once he hiked so far into the woods he couldn’t find his way back to the highway.                                                    

Uriel Fox and the Wishing Machine

Uriel finds a curious device in the wreckage of a plane crash.

Uriel Fox and the Mystery of the Dying Children

Deep in the mountains, Peter Snow wandered into Uriel’s camp, sharing a startling tale.


Uriel Fox and the Mystic Mirror

Traveling beyond the borders of “civilization”, Uriel ventures into an ancient region exploring rumors of a legendary master yogi and his sacred artifact – a mystic mirror.                                 

Uriel Fox and the Pilgrimage to the Other Side

After years of solitary roaming Uriel journeys with a companion to a mythic destination                                 


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