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Unexpected Pilgrims

​   Many mental health issues and social situations are portrayed from unique perspectives for these metaphorical pilgrims.  Struggling with mental challenges, they set out to discover ways to cope with adversity - inner and outer. On pilgrimages to live a purposeful lives, each one faces the world or seeks escape from its cruelty and indifference.  A group of seekers not particularly distinctive or heroic, they simply try to live purposeful lives.  They bravely sojourn searching for secret sanctuaries of acceptance and love. These unusual souls take to the open road where the uninspired dare not tread.  

   ​Section 1: 8 short stories about ways to navigate hostile societies. The search for understanding is often forced upon them. Success is never guaranteed.

​   Section 2: "Behind the Metal Doors" a 1 act play describing mental health professionals and patients.  Scrutinizes society's incessant need for conformity, control, and obedience.

    Section 3: 18 original poems about efforts to overcome disappointment and manage depression.  Quiet reminders helping the author focus his energy in his own sojourn.

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